what gaming chairs do youtubers use

What Gaming Chairs Youtubers Use

With advancements in the gaming world coming at us at a very high pace, the gaming industry continues to develop and attract all kinds of new followers. Whenever we watch a gamer online or a YouTube content creator we will notice that his chair is not an ordinary one. As a matter of fact, most YouTubers these days use Gaming Chairs in their videos and for their daily use. PewDiePie, Tfue, and Ninja are just some of the very famous gamers/ content makers who have regularly used gaming chairs.

Some of the most famous brands of gaming chairs that YouTubers have used are Maxnomic, Secretlab, and DXRacer. DXRacer is probably the most famous gaming chair brand, probably due to its affordable price, high durability, hyper-aggressive design, and easy availability. Recently, however, gamers and YouTubers have started opting for the Maxnomic brand more and more. Maxnomic has employed very effective marketing and sponsorship strategies for this to happen. For those of us unfamiliar with the gaming world or gaming chairs, we will try to clarify the use and meaning behind such products.

What are Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs are essentially chairs built for gamers. While you may not think that there could be a discernible difference between a regular chair and a gaming chair, the reality is sort of a mixture of both. While gaming chairs are only different from regular chairs due to their aggressive racing car seat build, they are also similar well, at the end of the day it’s just a chair you sit in.

Gaming Chairs are built with a robust design and a lot of thought goes into their aesthetic process. These chairs are made to look good above all else. The gaming chairs also come with many features these days. Features such as 4D armrests, Long backrests, recline backs, the angle adjusting seats, and these days even RGB lighting is present. They are also built keeping in mind the user will intend to sit in them for hours upon hours straight, as gaming sessions are demanding there is the need for ergonomic comfort.

Difference between Gaming Chairs and Office Chairs?

Office chairs are those chairs that will give off a more formal or business vibe. In that way, they differ completely from the essence of Gaming chairs. You could say that aesthetically, office chairs lie in the complete opposite end of the spectrum. While gaming chairs are not cheap, the best Office chairs easily cost way more. The best office chairs will always cost significantly more than the best gaming chairs. Most new gaming chairs are built to aid in correcting your sitting posture; some of the best office chairs also have these features.

There are many similarities between the two kinds of chairs as well. For starters, the best Office chairs also come with the very top of the line ergonomic features which are supposed to aid users in their long office or work hours. Office chairs look formal, and are built for comfort, and more importantly built to impress. Chairs like the Gesture chair or the Aeron chair are some of the best chairs in the world, they are office chairs and they are super costly.

Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

Used by Tfue, Ninja, Kaypea

Maxnomic is one of the world’s biggest and best gaming chair brands in the world today. Maxnomic is especially famous in the USA, where Maxnomic sponsors many of the top gamers, streamers, content creators, and YouTubers. Maxnomic also sponsors many of the top professional esports gaming teams as well. Some of the famous people sponsored by Maxnomic are Tfue, Kaypea, and even Summit1g.

Maxnomic makes chairs in a variety of models; one of such models is the NeedforSeat Pro. While there are other widely used models such as the Maxnomic Dominator which Ninja uses, the NeedforSeat Pro is one of their most premium products.

The Maxnomic Need for Seat Pro Brief Review


Weight Supported: 220 lbs.

Recline: 83-139 degrees

Seat Type: Gaming and Office

  • Custom logo
  • Great ergonomics
  • Comfortable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Excellent Finish
  • Pricey
  • Short-lived Warranty

The Maxnomic NeedforSeat Pro uses cold cured foam padding upholstered by PU leather. Cold cured foam is perhaps the most widely approved type of foam padding in chairs. While the PU leather upholstery is known to be very soft, resistant to wear and tear and stain resistant. The combination of the thickly padded foam with the soft leather cover makes for an extremely comfortable sitting experience. The high amount of ergonomic adjustments in this chair allow for it to be a very comfortable chair. You can adjust it to accommodate you very effectively. The lumbar and headrest cushions are quite nice and soft to the touch. Maxnomic has always been a brand that focuses on comfort and giving a relaxing experience to its users above all else. In this chair, they have definitely got that part covered.

The Maxnomic Pro gaming chair is a very accommodating chair. You can change the height of the chair. The backrest is able to recline. It has the 4-D arm adjustment feature. This basically means that the armrests can be moved in all 4 directions, so they are able to adjust to any sitting posture and physique admirably. There is also a tilt lock mechanism. The tilt lock allows you to change the angle of the seat independently of the backrest. You bend the seat downward, giving it more depth than it has in its standard position. The armrests of the chair have the Maxnomic NeedforSeat patented finger resting design. These are essentially, just spaces to rest your fingers at the edge of the armrests. This feature while it may appear commonplace, it is rather useful to rest your hands after a long gaming session.

We often see products that focus on providing comfort, forget the value that a good design and is easy on the eye brings.  This is certainly not one of those products. The aesthetics and design of the NeedforSeat Pro are very attractive. While it is available in different colors, its standard color is full black with orange accents and designs on it. You can add a personal touch by choosing a logo to be added to the seat. This custom logo option has received very positive feedback from PC gamers and enthusiasts who buy gaming chairs for their own use and also from professional players and esports teams. The ability to custom choose your logo cannot be underestimated, this massively increases the value of a chair.

The Maxnomic NeedforSeat Pro is, however, an expensive chair. This is a top-level, premium chair and it comes at a premium price. The warranty given out by Maxnomic NeedforSeat is not the most accommodating. It is only a two-year long warranty. This is a rather short warranty time period especially when you consider some competitors of Maxnomic are offering warranties as high as five years.


Maxnomic makes some of the world’s most top quality gaming chairs and any chair you opt to go for will satisfy your needs. The chairs are not the cheapest ones in the market today but contain all the required comfort features. Many different YouTubers use different variants of Maxnomic chairs, the one thing Maxnomic ahs that no one else does is the wide array of gaming chairs. In terms of quality, design, and even the added versatility of choice of chair, Maxnomic is almost unmatched.

DXRacer Racing Series chairs

Used by SypherPK, Dr Disrespect, many others

Many popular and famous YouTubers use or have used the DXRacer gaming chairs at some point. DXRacer is easily one of the world’s most famous and loved brands of gaming chairs. So, much so that probably every gamer will have heard of DXRacer and most gamers will have used a DXRacer chair before. As a matter of fact, even the King of YouTube; PewDiePie also used a DXRacer chair to start his career off with.

DXRacer Racing Series Chair REO/NR Brief Review


Weight: 48.50 lbs

Weight Supported: 250 lbs

Recline: 135 degree total angle

Seat Type: Office seat

  • Budget Friendly
  • Cool Design
  • Color Options
  • Excellent for under 6 ft
  • Most common features are present
  • Limited features
  • No dedicated built-in back support
  • Not for people over 6 ft

DXRacer gaming chairs have a reputation for being exactly the kinds of chairs that you might expect a gamer to use. The DXRacer Racing series chairs all come with a very aggressive and robust design. The racing series REO/NR is no different in that regard as it contains aggressive design accents of red and the overall body in black color. Even the wheelbase contains the color accents of your chair. You can go with other color and design options if you want to. The company has released many different variants of the DXRacer gaming series now, this is why the NEO/NR variant might become harder to find.

The chair is built with high quality high density foam and the covering is done with PU leather of equally good quality. DXRacer chairs have a very good reputation of being able to handle rough use most of the time and this chair is no different. The base is built with aluminum and the casters are also very strong. For the price that this chair goes for it is one of the best bang for the buck products.

The chair comes with all the basic comfort features which are present in gaming chairs. The chair has the standard recline option, it has 3-D armrests, height adjustability, and pillows for lumbar support. The backrest can be reclined to a maximum of 135 degrees angle and the armrests can be moved in 3 directions. These days it is common for gaming chairs to have 4-D armrests but sadly, this being an older model does not have that. The chair also does not feature built in lumbar, so you will have to make do with the pillows that the chair comes with. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it is a matter of personal preference to a degree.

The only real issue will be the size of the chair. The chair is best suited to people with a moderate or average build. If you are over six feet tall or if you weigh over 250 lbs, this might not be the best option for you.


The DXRacer gaming chairs are for those gamers or content creators who want all the basic common features of a gaming chair. The best features of the chair are definitely going to be the design, durability, and the fantastic value for money the chair gives you. The weaknesses of the chair are that some of the more modern features are missing and the chair will not work for bigger people. Whether this chair works for you or not will depend on your size and budget.

Secretlab TITAN Gaming Chair

Used by CalebCity, Team Liquid and the NA LCS

Secretlab has burs tons to the scene in the last decade and has used aggressive marketing and very accurate research to develop a massive brand name for themselves. Many popular streamers, content creators on YouTube, and a lot of the popular Esports franchise teams use the Secretlab chairs. Secretlab offers some of the most coveted build materials and quality; this makes them especially appealing to everyone.

The Secretlab TITAN Gaming Chair Brief Review


Weight: 77 lbs approx

Weight Supported: Under 290 lbs max

Recline: 165 degree total angle

Seat Type: Office seat

  • Elegant Design
  • Top of the line materials used
  • Excellent and effective features
  • Integrated Lumbar
  • Good customization
  • Relatively costly

Many modern YouTubers have opted for the Secretlab brand for their gaming chair needs. Secretlab makes Chairs in 3 variants that differ by size. The Omega, Titan, and the Titan Xl, the difference between them is mainly of size and weight supported. The one thing Secretlab does better than perhaps all of the other companies is that they give you the option of a Softweave fabric. This is one of the most popular cover materials for gaming chairs and is patented by Secretlab.

Secretlab gaming chairs do not come with aggressive or robust designs naturally. You can choose the kind of design and color from the list of choices that are set by Secretlab. The chairs also come in team variants, for example, the Team Liquid edition. You can choose to have a leather top or cover material or the Softweave fabric, this added choice coupled with the added ability to choose your design makes it one of the most customizable options we have.

One of the major drawbacks of this product is that all Secretlab chairs are pretty costly. These are some of the most expensive gaming chairs on the market right now. These chairs might be expensive because they do use some of the most premium quality materials to build the chair. The chairs also come with the full set of ergonomic features; the ability to adjust the height,  adjust seat tilt, control the backrest recline, and the 4-D armrests are just some of the major things the Secretlab TITAN does right. The chair can be reclined a lot more than some of the other gaming chairs we have seen.


The Secretlab TITAN gaming chair is the most premium and most critically acclaimed gaming chair on the market. Secretlab makes a smaller chair as well if you are moderate sized or a larger chair with the TITAN XL if you are a massive individual. This chair has it all, excellent adjustability features, fantastic build quality, and the added ability to choose the way your chair looks and feels. This is probably the best gaming chair in the world if you can afford it.


Why are they called gaming chairs?

They are called Gaming chairs because they appeal to the gamer aesthetic of being a cool chair with features designed to enhance one’s gaming experience. You can control a lot of what the chair does and how it behaves with various features common to most chairs. You can recline the back of the chair to suit your needs, you can alter the way the armrests sit and even adjust their height. Most important is their design, they are built to look like a racing car seat and that attracts gamers the most.

Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

Gaming chairs are expensive because they are usually built with some of the world’s finest materials. Cold cured foam, PU leather, and PVC are common to most chairs. Some chairs have an aluminum base while others have steel bases. The point is it takes a lot of different kinds of top of the line material and extended labor hours to manufacture such a chair. Another reason for these chairs being expensive is that the gaming industry is at an all-time high right now. The chair also employs the use of heavy sponsorship via popular personalities to show off their products as well.

How do gaming chairs work?

Gaming chairs work in a way to allows for the best sitting posture for every individual. So, naturally, they have loads of adjustable ergonomic options. They work in a way a normal chair does, you sit in it obviously. The only difference is you are in control of a lot of features. You can adjust the height of the seat, recline the back, and adjust the armrests to your liking. There are other options in chairs depending on the quality and manufacturer of the chair. The main purpose of such chairs is to attract people with their design and allow for comfort over long usage hours.

Why are gaming chairs so low?

Gaming chairs are not essentially always low. Most gaming chairs these days have height adjustability on their seats. You can set them higher if you feel like it or if your table is higher up. Gaming chairs probably have some of the highest adjustability features among any chairs in the world.

How do wireless gaming chairs work?

Wireless gaming chairs are built for some of the most hardcore gamers. These are chairs that cost a lot of money so only enthusiasts of the highest nature even consider them. Most people who use such chairs prefer playing on Consoles as their use is most efficient with a TV. These chairs have built-in audio, audio controls, audio jacks, vibration settings, Bluetooth, and can even connect to your TV. All of this is done wirelessly. These chairs are shaped like recliners but are set extremely low and very close to the ground. They are for relaxing and gaming, without the hassle of wires.
The chair eliminates the wired functionality of your TV, gaming close, etc, the chair itself needs to draw power from a source.

Why do gaming chairs have pillows?

Gaming chairs have pillows for various different reasons. Some companies give away cushions or pillows for free with their gaming chairs. SO when you buy a chair you get these cushions for free. There are mostly two kinds of pillows in gaming chairs, the neck pillow, and the lumbar support back pillow. The neck pillow is used to fit around the top of the chair and its purpose is self-explanatory; it is used to support the neck when you sit. The lumbar pillow is given with those chairs that don’t have an integrated lumbar system. Meaning, the way to control the level of back support is to utilize the pillow. Most of such pillows can be moved up or down. The use of these pillows is to further help in the comfort of a user.

Why do gaming chairs have USB ports?

These days we see a lot of newer features on gaming chairs. USB ports on gaming chairs have a few uses. The most common use of such USB ports would be for charging mobile phones or other hardware. You could use them to connect RGB Lights or other peripherals if you have the use for them in that way. It is a luxury feature with use depending on the need of a user.

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