best chairs for back pain

Best Zero Gravity Chairs for Back Pain

Zero-gravity chairs are chairs that are able to recline in a way that allows your legs to be parallel to or above your heart while the back of the chair reclines downwards. This allows the body to recuperate and recover from surgeries and injuries better than it would normally. This also gives much better blood circulation to your body. These zero-gravity chairs help in easing back pain and for people with back issues or herniated discs, these are priceless.

Looking for zero-gravity chairs and also looking for the reason why anyone would want a zero-gravity chair are all questions that arise in your mind when you hear of the existence of these chairs. We will attempt to answer those questions. Given below are the best zero gravity chairs for back pain. While we start off our list with the well-known brand Lafuma, we have also highlighted the lesser-known and not popular brands and companies that have made some very good recliner chairs. Without further ado, the list of the best zero gravity chairs.

1. Lafuma LFM3120-6135 Futura XL Air Comfort

  • Foldable
  • Comfortable
  • Very Good for Back Issues
  • Solid Steel Frame
  • Easy to Clean
  • Nothing Specific

Lafuma is an extremely well known and popular brand for sports equipment, hiking equipment, backpacks, and clothes for both men and women.  Outdoor and indoor reclining chairs and shoes are also included in their wide range of products. Lafuma products are mostly eco-friendly and made from recycled items. The theory for Lafuma is to make products that are ease giving, environment friendly, and durable. The Lafuma LFM3120-6135 Futura XL Zero Gravity Recliner Chair is an aesthetic and stylistically made recliner chair. The chair can be used as a lawn chair as well as an indoor chair. 

As you can see from your first glance at the LFM3120-6135, this is quite a lightweight and portable chair. It folds easily and due to its low weight, one can lift it and move it around with no trouble. The material of the chair is comfortable and allows for easy cleaning as well. The chair can be adjusted to many different reclining positions. The chair can also be made upright if one so wishes. The chair is proficient ergonomically and provides comfort to the person seated in it. It can be reclined into a zero-gravity position, giving the user a stress-free experience.

The Lafuma Futura XL Zero Gravity Chair is a lifesaver for people with back issues. It takes all the pressure off of the back of a person and distributes the weight evenly to allow for better blood circulation and ease. People that suffer from issues like herniated discs or sciatica can have a lot of trouble in normal movement such as walking or sitting. This is where the Lafuma Futura excels. It gives people such issues a very relaxing seating and since the chair is as lightweight as it is it can be moved around to wherever one wants to sit.

The chair is made on a solid steel frame to give it durability and reliability to withstand the weight of a person. The weight capacity of the chair is adequate. The Lafuma Futura is permeable and dries quickly. This makes it easy to clean and maintain. The footrest and armrest make it even more convenient in use. This is one of the best outdoor and indoor zero gravity chairs at this time. The convenience it gives while being as comfortable and durable as it makes it worth every penny spent on it.

2. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

  • Side Table
  • Stylish
  • Portable
  • Easy Adjustment
  • Movable Headrest
  • Nothing Specific

Timber Ridge is quite a popular company in the category of outdoor products or camping gear. Their products are aimed to be as convenient and ease giving to their patrons as possible. When buying outdoor products, you want something that is easy to move from one place to another. Portability cannot be stressed enough in travel gear. Timber Ridge is well aware of this seeing how to travel gear is their forte. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Recliner Chair is easily foldable and lightweight, making it the perfect choice for a portable outdoor chair.

One thing that separates this product from the Lafuma Futura is its stylish and aesthetic outlook. It is much more fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. The chair frame is made of sturdy steel making it long-lasting even under everyday use. The weight capacity of this chair is on the higher side when considering zero-gravity chairs. The maximum weight capacity is about 350lbs. The weight capacity shows you that this chair is going to be a good pick when you want something tough. Due to its stylistic since the chair can be used in almost any setting when indoor.

Adjustments to the recline level can be made easily via the locking levers on the chair. Whether you want the chair to be in an upright position or a reclining zero gravity position the levers make for convenient adjustment. Just bring the chair to whichever position you want and lock the levers. This is one of the most convenient and easy to use adjustment mechanisms for any chair that we have seen. The chair also has a plush headrest cushion. This headrest is movable. It can be adjusted according to your head position or to whichever body part such as your back or lumbar region if you want. One feature of this chair that we really liked was the side table. There is a side table right next to the right armrest of the chair. You can put your phone or a drink on this side table. There is also a cup holder inbuilt into the side table to make sure the cup or drink does not fall over. This side table is also foldable if you do not need it.

The Timber Ridge chair, due to its stylish design can be used in any indoor setting or as a patio chair with any setting. Due to its easy mobility and folding qualities, it can also be used as a traveling chair. Take it on traveling trips or camping with you and set it up to sit with a cup of tea and enjoy nature in all its glory.

3. LUCKYBERRY Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Very Spacious
  • Long Armrest
  • Cup Holding Table
  • Bolts may be Loose

Luckyberry is not a familiar brand for making chairs or recliners. While you will probably end up finding the products of well-known brands yourself when looking for the best zero-gravity or recliner chairs, we decided to highlight this chair since it is not likely you will find this when only looking for the big names. This chair is on par with the best of them that much will be obvious from the fact that it is so high in our list of the best anti-gravity chair for back pain.

The Luckyberry Oversize Xl Zero Gravity chair as the name states is a large chair. It is wide enough for two thin people to be seated in it simultaneously and its high weight capacity of 350lbs is adequate for even a large person. The high back of the chair makes sure that tall people also feel comfortable while sitting in the chair. The seat and backrest of the chair are padded to provide ease to a person’s body. The headrest of the chair is adjustable and can be moved to better support a person’s head or neck or even the lumbar and back region if you feel they require more support.

This XL Zero Gravity Chair is able to recline to a maximum of 170 degrees angle. The footrest moves up granting you the zero-gravity position to ease your blood circulation and remove the pressure off of your back and distribute it evenly. The adjustment mechanism of the chair is convenient. Just recline the chair to the position which suits you best and lock the levers. Or if you feel like sitting up just move the back into an upright position to support your body and back and be in a healthy, upright posture. The armrest of the chair is longer than average, granting you easy support of your arms. The longer armrests also help in standing back up, as you can push down on them while standing up, putting less pressure on your back on pulling your body up. The armrests are also padded to provide ease to your arms in a resting position.

The chair comes with a side table that has a cup holder built into it with space to place your phone along with a book or magazine you might be reading at the time. The cup holder makes sure your beverage does not topple over, hence spoiling your reading material or your phone. The chair itself is very spacious and wide. It is almost 30 inches wide between the armrests. When in a fully reclined position the chair gets elongated to about 65 inches from top to the footrest.

One drawback of the chair is that its bolts and screws might be loose and wobbly. You need to regularly check the bolts and nuts to make sure they are not getting loose. If you do not keep check of them the chair might give way while you are sitting on it, causing injuries. Though this can be said for almost any chair, it is still better to be on the safe side and keep track of these things before they cause any issues.

Overall, this is still one of the best oversized zero gravity chairs that we were able to find. This is also in an extremely modest price range, hence being affordable for anyone. The features it offers while having very few issues and downsides make this chair one of the best value for money zero-gravity chairs on our list.

4. AmazonBasics Padded Zero Gravity Patio Chair

  • Sturdy
  • 2-Pack
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Fashionable
  • Material or Paint may not be Durable

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest companies of this time and age. With the world being so heavily reliant on the internet in the modern age, business is literally booming for Amazon. As people become more and more used to searching and buying products on the internet, with no need to go out to shop for anything they might require, Amazon is now the prime shopping market for the world. As such, Amazon has now started to make their own products as well as being a platform for distributing products made by other companies. Mostly, Amazon has stuck with making more standard-issue products like office chairs, monitors and screens, and their peripherals, etc. This is one of the less standard uses and more luxury style products that we have seen from Amazon.

The AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Chair comes in a pack of two. While the chairs are available in multiple different colors, black is undoubtedly the most fashionable and aesthetically pleasing.  This is a point of these chairs that is quite noteworthy. These zero-gravity chairs are really fashionable and stylish. They do not look bad in any setting; thanks to the black color it also fits into any color scheme. The chair itself is very roomy and voluminous. When fully opened the length of the chair from the head to the footrest is about 65 inches. The space between the armrests of the chair is close to 30 inches. This makes sure that the chair is comfortable enough for people of all sizes and does not feel constricting to sit in.

The frame of the chair is of solid steel, making the chair sturdy and strong. Due to this frame, the chair is solid and safe. The seat and backrest are padded for comfort. The headrest of the chairs is adjustable, it can be used to give support to the head or neck. It can also be moved down to support the back and lumbar regions. The cleaning of this chair is especially easy as you just need a wet cloth to clean it and no unnecessary chemicals and polishers. Using chemicals to clean this chair will only ruin the fabric.

There have been some issues with the paint of this chair as it has been prone to come off earlier than expected. The fabric of this chair is also quite fragile. Using anything other than a wet cloth tends to ruin it. It has also been prone to start tearing rather quickly. Though one big plus point of this product is that it is a 2-pack product. If you are looking for more than a chair this is perfect for you. A two in one deal makes it economically efficient. For people who want a couple of portable lawn chairs that fit into any setting and are fashionable as well, this product can do you no wrong.

5. PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

  • Padded Seat and Back
  • Easy Position Locking Mechanism
  • Relaxing and Ease Giving
  • Not Suitable for Tall People
  • Cross Piece Under Legs is Problematic

PHI Villa is a company that specializes in making outdoor seating and furniture sets. From patio sofa sets, bars and dining sets to outdoor canopies and lawn umbrellas, PHI Villa is a very familiar name when it comes to making outdoor products. If you want to have your lawn look like a luxury dining suite, this is the place to be. The PHI Villa Xl Zero Gravity chair can be used as both an indoor chair and a luxury outdoor recliner. This chair will look good in almost any environment.

The design of this chair is quite stylish and has good color combinations to boot. This oversized chair has padded seats and back, making for a comfortable and relaxing setting. The material used for the seat and backrest is stain resistant and weather resistant. It is not expected to be soiled by rain or excessive sunlight as it is UV resistant as well. The fabric used is ventilative, that is it allows air to pass freely giving it a cool and airy feel. This makes sure you do not become a sweaty mess after 10 minutes of sitting in the sun. This is a top-rated chair for people with back or hip issues. The back padding is just that comfortable. People that have back issues and have used this chair have reported this to be the most relaxing chair for them as most chairs have become unsuitable for them after their back issues surfaced. It gives enough ease to the user that you can sleep in it without waking up with any sore body parts.

The recline lock mechanism of this chair is quite easy to operate. It is easier to operate than a lever system. Just lean back the chair to the recline position that is best for you. To lock the chair in the desired position just pull the clip back. And that’s it. To unlock the chair, push the clip forward and it is unlocked and ready to change the position. The chair is able to recline for 170 degrees at its maximum. It can also be set upright and used as a normal chair instead of a recliner.

However, this chair has an issue with its manufacturing. There is a cross piece under the chair where the legs are placed when in a reclining position. This triangle-shaped cross piece makes it difficult to sit in it for long periods for some people, making the legs of the person fall asleep and hence it becomes a difficult task getting out of the chair. This flaw in design could have been avoided during its manufacturing and when you are paying top dollar for a recliner chair, you really do not want to face such issues. Another thing to keep in mind when buying this chair is its low height capacity. It is only 44 inches at its maximum recline. For people above or close to 6 ft height, this can cause problems as it may be too small for them.

6. Perfect Chair “PC-420” Top Grain Leather Hand – Manual Recliner

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Great Recline Option
  • Back Heating
  • Heavy
  • Hard to Get out of the Full Recline Position

The Perfect Chair PC-420 is a product of Human Touch. Human Touch is a relatively well-known brand when it comes to massage chairs and recliners. The first priority of their products is to give maximum comfort to their customers. Every single one of their products is made with that in mind and it is obvious to see from their designs. The PC-420 is another example of this and is quite aesthetic to top it off. This is one of the more stylish and pleasing look at zero gravity chairs we have found. Unlike the other chairs we have mentioned, this is a wooden framed chair. Thick wood with a walnut finish gives it a warm look.

One of the most noticeable features of this chair is its adjustable lumbar support mechanism. The backrest of the chair can be inflated or deflated to better support and assist your back. When sitting upright it can be quite troublesome if you have no good lower back support on a high back chair. The adjustable lumbar support mechanism makes sure you have lower back support that will not disappoint. It also means you can change the lumbar support from high to low if you wish to, giving this chair extra flexibility.

The back of this zero-gravity chair also has a jade thermal heating treatment. This is a rare feature in zero-gravity chairs. As such we value it highly for increased comfort and ease. This heating system soothes the stressed muscles in your back and relieves built-up tension in the muscles. The recline of this chair is quite high. You can have your legs go higher than your head at the max. This is one of the highest levels of recline we have seen. This zero-gravity position gives you good blood circulation to help with recovery from surgery or injuries. Good blood circulation also keeps you in good health. This chair is great for recovering purposes.

The recline of this chair does have its issues though. When you are in the reclined position, it can be hard to get back up to an upright position. You might have to start kicking the leg rest to go down and allow you to get up in an upright position. This is one of the heaviest chairs we have seen though. Coming in at 160lbs, you need at least two people to move it around easily. This is why it is recommended that you be at home at the time of this chair’s delivery so that the deliverers can help you move this chair.

 7. Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner

  • Power Headrest and Footrest
  • Massage and Heat Therapy
  • One-Touch Zero Gravity Mechanism
  • Hefty
  • Pricey

Cozzia is a known brand when it comes to massage chairs of various kinds and sizes. Their products are focused on being massage chairs rather than zero gravity chairs specifically, but massage chairs can also be zero gravity chairs as is quite obvious with this product. This is one of the few massage chairs that offer an easy zero gravity position as well. The build of this chair is sturdy and extremely solid due to the thick beechwood frame. The material of the seat is bonded leather. This high-quality leather so it is not prone to start tearing or becoming worn out quickly. Due to the high-grade leather, it is also quite comfortable.

This is the first chair that we have seen in this list of oversized padded zero gravity chairs that has a power headrest. That is, its headrest can be moved and adjusted to one’s liking. The footrest is also independently powered. It does not need the back to recline to move up. It can be moved up while the back is in an upright position. Though to be fully comfortable you will need to recline the back a bit. Another big plus of this chair is that it has a zero-gravity button mechanism. One touch on this button leads to the chair going into the zero-gravity position on its own without you having to recline the back yourself till it gets into the position. Though you recline the back to your own liking if you want to get into a reclined position but not a zero-gravity position.

Since this chair is also a massage chair to boot, you can have a full massage while being in the zero-gravity position for extra relaxation. The heating feature available in the backrest of the chair also helps in easing the stressed-out muscles of the back after a long day at the office or just taking care of any back issues you might be having. Though as with all great things, there are some drawbacks to this chair as well. This is quite heavy if you are just looking for a zero-gravity reclining lounge chair. Though it is one of the best wooden zero gravity chairs.

A problem that has been known to occur in this chair is that it might stop working a short time after you purchase it. By not working we mean the massage or the reclining functions might go out of order. The heating might become ineffectual. It is otherwise a very durable and sturdy chair but it has mechanical faults. This is one of the reasons it is low on our list. There have been no given reasons as to why this may happen but it has happened enough times that you might want to vary of it.

8. Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

  • Remote Control
  • 3 Different Zero Gravity Positions
  • Many Kinds of Massage Options
  • Expensive
  • Very Weighty

Ideal Massage is a very well-known name for massage chairs of various kinds and capabilities. They make heavy-duty massage chairs that have a plethora of massage options and zero-gravity positions among their features. This is a similar product. The Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Massage Chair is fully loaded with a ton of massage options. Ranging from different massage types to multiple massage intensities. The different types of massage options include Full body stretch, swing, full body massage, relax, etc. While there are different types of massaging techniques offered like kneading, tapping, shiatsu massage or combo kneading and tapping simultaneously, etc.

The massage options do not end there as the chair has an inbuilt feature that allows it to scan your height and position its massagers and rollers that best fit your body size. There are also a total of three different zero-gravity positions that this chair offers. This is the only chair in this best zero gravity chairs list that is remote controlled. This is also quite heavy as expected when you look at the chair. It weighs approximately 200lbs. This is hardly ideal if you are looking for a casual recliner. Since the delivery of this chair is curb delivery only, you might face some trouble moving it to the place you want even with its wheel rollers. The price matches the weight. It is very expensive. If you are looking for a casual reclining zero-gravity chair you do not want to end up paying so much as this chair costs.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to spend some dough and get a heavy-duty, massaging as well as zero-gravity chair this chair can hardly disappoint you.

Final Verdict

That concludes our list of the best zero-gravity chairs available at this time. The chairs mentioned above are the best in the zero-gravity category. Most of these chairs are economically efficient as well as easily portable. While some are heavy-set, they come with their own perks and increased stress relieving options. The portable chairs can be used as lounge chairs or lawn chairs, placed in the patio, or taken along with you on a trip as part of your traveling gear. Each chair has its own perks and downsides to go with it. All in all, these are the best zero gravity chairs available at this point in time and we hope to have answered any questions you might have had regarding the zero-gravity chair topic.


What Is a Zero Gravity Chair?

A zero-gravity chair is, essentially a chair meant to deliver a relaxing feeling of comfort. The chair works in a way to ensure that the person who uses it undergoes a “weightlessness” kind of situation, known as zero gravity. The heart and the feet of a person are sort of aligned to ensure a specific posture.

How to Use Zero Gravity Chair

The way to use such a chair is to recline in the form where your heart and your feet are in line with each other. This “neutral” position will ensure a sense of zero gravity.

What Does a Zero Gravity Chair Do?

A zero gravity chair benefits users in many different ways. The most common of which is that when used in its zero-gravity mode will ensure a lower amount of pressure on the spine, it will improve blood circulation throughout the body and will also distribute the weight of a person evenly across the body.

Can You Sleep in a Zero Gravity Chair?

It can be extremely viable to sleep in such chairs as they enhance your relaxing experience. The ability to sleep in a neutral or evenly divided weight space will ensure you get the most comfortable sleep.

Does a Zero Gravity Chair Lay Flat?

Normally a zero-gravity chair will not lay flat, it will have a little bit of recline at the back and an incline at the end towards your feet. Sort of like a curve shape.

How Much Weight Can a Zero Gravity Chair Hold?

Different companies make different thresholds for the maximum weight that can be held by zero gravity chairs. You may find some companies make them for smaller people, while others may have more variety in their approach. But mostly, these chairs will hold about under 300 lbs.

How to Restring a Zero Gravity Chair?

There are a few techniques to deal with the issue. The most common one is to go from the bottom towards the top end, by re-passing the cord through the holes. Tie a knot at the top after you have gone through the process, then work your way from top to down and lock it in. You have to think of it sort of like re-applying shoelaces but this time, you need to put the seat towards the edges.

How to Lock a Zero Gravity Chair?

Most modern zero gravity chairs will come with a lever or a lock, sometimes even a cork. This will be a recline control for your chair. Use it to set the recline to your needs and requirements after which it will stay there. It will work like car seat reclines work. Some even recline by simple weight shifts.

How to Open a Zero Gravity Chair?

Most zero gravity chairs will have the option to be folded, for better portability and use. Simply move the leg portion to one side and either keep the other portion steady or move it towards the other side to open a chair.

How to Recline a Zero Gravity Chair?

Sit in a zero-gravity chair like you would normally sit in any chair. The only difference is to make use of such a chair, you will have to recline it with the functions explained above. Recline so you can achieve maximum comfort.

How to Work in a Zero Gravity Chair?

You can work in a zero gravity chair any way you want. Use a laptop while in a comfortable lying mode or work on assignment for check papers in a not so reclined mode. You can even take such a chair with you to work since they are mostly portable.

Is a Zero Gravity Chair Good for Back Pain?

A zero-gravity chair will work wonders for your back pain. Since it alleviates the pressure on the back of someone while also distributing the weight of a person evenly throughout the body, it does indeed work well for helping you with your back.

What Are the Benefits of a Zero Gravity Chair?

The main benefits of zero gravity chairs are that they improve blood circulation, evenly divide the body weight, and reduce the stress of the spine. They will also ensure to help you with stress relief and enhance your relaxation.

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