what gaming chairs does summit1g use

What Gaming Chair Does Summit1g Use?

Why should it matter what gaming chair a popular streamer uses? The answer is quite simple – they are pros and when someone at this level uses a certain product it could be one of the best products in its category. The people, a.k.a. their fans want to know what product they use and why they use it. For example, pro players use the mouse and keyboards that they do because they are the best in that category or because they feel the most comfortable with them. Sometimes Pros might even use products that have been given to them by companies so that the players can advertise the products. Logitech, Corsair, and Razer partner up with streamers all the time for advertisement.

The same can be said for gaming chairs. Almost every gaming chair manufacturer employs the use of streamers for product advertisement. One of the biggest names in the gaming world is Summit1g and his fans take a great interest in the products he uses to game so effectively. That is what brings us to the question of what gaming chair does Summit1g use. We will answer that question and also explain the reasons why this specific chair is the one Summit uses.

maxnomic pro

What Chair does Summit1g use?

Summit1g uses the Maxnomic NeedForSeat Pro. It is quite common for streamers and pro players to be using Maxnomic chairs these days. It is after all one of the biggest gaming chairs brands especially in the e-sports world and in the US. Maxnomic released its first string of gaming chair products back in 2014. They partnered up with many famous esports teams like Team Liquid and well-known streamers like Tfue as well.

One of the most famous streamers, Summit1g also uses Maxnomic gaming chairs. Many other distinguished streamers such as Ninja, Tfue, and TimTheTatMan are also partnered with Maxnomic and enjoy their products. When such famous people of the gaming world are all using products of the same company, it means that the company is gaining popularity.

Who is Summit1g?

If you have an interest in online games or streaming platforms then you have heard of Jaryd Russell Lazar, or as he is more commonly known, Summit1g. Summit1g is one of the world’s most popular streamers and online gaming personalities. Summit1g is perhaps the most popular Counter Strike: Global Offensive player and streamer to ever play the game. Summit has also been a professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive player, playing for A51 and Mythic.

Though he has retired from professional play some time back, he has maintained his mantel as one of the best players in the world. He now streams a variety of games on his Twitch channel. Moving on from being a CS: GO the only player, he now plays HALO, GTA V, Sea of Thieves, and Escape from Tarkov. Though CS: GO still seems to be his favorite.

There are innumerable former and active pro players but very few of them ever achieve the level of stardom that Summit has. His Twitch career has also had a big part to play in his popularity. His first big breakthrough in streaming came when he overtook the well-known streamer “Syndicate” in followers back in 2017. In 2018 he overtook the world-famous company “Riot Games” in a number of followers making him the most followed channel on the Twitch streaming platform. A couple of years down the line to 2020 and he is now the fifth most followed streamer on Twitch with a whopping 5.4 million followers.

He is also widely known for his commitment to the streaming and the gaming world, especially CS: GO. He was a streamer way before it was cool. He has not given up on streaming even after retiring from competitive gaming. His personality attracts viewers and makes them dedicated fans. Others watch him for his gaming skills. He is still renowned as one of the best CS: GO players in the world.

Summit1g can be found on the following links:

Twitch TV:           https://www.twitch.tv/summit1g

Youtube:             https://www.youtube.com/user/summit1g

Twitter:                https://twitter.com/summit1g?lang=en

Maxnomic NeedForSeat Pro

Weight Supported: 220 lbs.

Recline: 83-139 degrees

Seat Type: Gaming and Office

  • Custom logo option
  • 4D arm adjustment
  • Reclinable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable material
  • Tilt lock
  • Maxnomic patented finger rests
  • Expensive
  • Short warranty

The Maxnomic NeedForSeat Pro is one of the best gaming chairs in the world at the moment. Starting off with the design of the NeedForSeat Pro, we see that it is an all-black chair with orange accents and designs on the seat and backrest. At first glance, you notice that it is quite a good-looking chair with admirable aesthetics. It has an attractive sleek look to it and it will fit into any color scheme or settings quite nicely. The chair is nearly all black. The black color is able to blend in and complement any room settings or give a nice contrast with any bright color settings that you might have on the rest of your setup.

The chair has an aluminum base that gives it stability. The smooth-rolling wheels allow for easy movement and portability across any surface. The seat itself is made of cold cured foam padding. This foam is accepted in most high-level furniture products nowadays. The foam is upholstered by a PU leather covering. Due to this PU leather covering, the chair has a nice soft, and comfy feeling to it. Once you sit down on it the chair foam gives way a little to adjust to your weight and when you get up, it comes back into position.

The armrests of the chair have a high adjustability level. Due to the 4D adjustable feature, they can be moved to support all sorts of sitting postures. If you feel the armrests are not at the specific height you need them to be at, you can move them up and down to accommodate you. There is a knob under the armrest for this purpose. You can also move the armrests left or right a few clicks, three different positions to be exact. The armrests can also be rotated up to 11-degrees. You can use a control knob to move the armrests forward or backward in five different positions. Those are the four different adjustments possible for the armrest and make up the 4D arm adjustment feature.

At the end of the armrests, there are spaces to put your fingers. This is the Maxnomic patented finger rest feature. Many people while sitting tend to not use the armrest, hence having poor body postures while sitting, this can result in discomfort. With the finger rest feature, you will find yourself wanting to use a new feature which will result in using the armrests more often. Ultimately, this leads to a healthier sitting posture and removes the element of discomfort.

The addition of the custom logo option is a key feature of the Maxnomic NeedForSeat Pro. Thanks to this feature you can add any logo or text you want on the top of the chair. You can add a logo of your favorite game or characters, or you can just add a picture that you think will look nice on the chair. As far as esports are concerned this was a very influential feature. Thanks to this, teams can add their own logos on the chair without any hassle. Partnering with esports foundations such as team liquid, was a very nice addition to the whole gaming chair package.

The backrest of the chair can be reclined backward to a maximum of 139-degrees. The chair can also be tilted forward to an 89-degree position. This forward tilt allows you to stay focused on the game more easily, without feeling the need to tilt yourself forward. Many players tend to lean in towards the screen at an intense point in the game, thanks to this feature you will not have to push yourself forward or put your body under strain to do it either. The backrest will give support to your back without you having to put in any effort. You can also recline the backrest backward to relax after a particularly close game or to just lie down for a while before continuing with your gaming session.

The tilt lock feature of this chair allows you to recline the back and tilt the seat of the chair independently of one another. Locks the backrests recline into the position you want. Then tilt the seat to what angle feels best for you. You can tilt it 11-degrees upwards to change your sitting position. When you have been sitting in one position for a while, your muscles tend to become strained. Due to this change in seat angle, you can rest the strained muscles and put your body weight on other muscles which are fully rested. Frequently change in between these seat tilt settings to maximize comfort and convenience.

The cold cured foam with PU upholstery gives it durability. Not to mention these two features combined make for a relaxing sitting experience. Combine the material of the chair with the other plethora of features and you get one of the most accommodating and ease giving gaming chairs available at this time.

The only downside of this chair is the price. Maxnomic chairs are known to be top of the drawer, premium picks. Most Maxnomic chairs are quite expensive. Although, when you look at the quality of their products, you do expect them to be expensive. Then there is the two-year warranty period. This is quite a short-term warranty. For such an expensive product you would want a long-term warranty. A little backup from a better warranty time period would have been nicer. But a two-year warranty is what you are getting on the NeedForSeat Pro.

Verdict on the Chair

To summarize, the Maxnomic NeedForSeat Pro is one of the highest rated gaming chairs at this time. There are a few other chairs that can match it in quality and convenience. It is made of durable material and has much ease giving features. There is also the fact that it is really a well-designed chair and the custom logo addition is a big plus on the aesthetic value. However, it is quite expensive. If you have the budget to afford an expensive gaming chair then this is one of the best options out there.

There are other chairs that possess the same level of quality as the NeedforSeat Pro, so quality alternatives do exist if you want to browse through them.

Good Alternatives for the Chair

The Omega Softweave is perhaps one of the most comfortable gaming chairs out there. This version of the Secretlab Omega makes use of a soft and smooth material. It gives a deluxe and lavish feel to the person using it. Not to mention it is highly durable. This chair is a bit expensive, but it definitely makes up for it its comfortability and durability. There is also quite a bit of adjustment and customizable options available to the Omega. There is the height adjustment of the chair, the back reclines, or the 4D arm adjustments. Customize to your liking and enjoy. The chair comes in many different variants. You can go for the Leather or the fabric one as per your liking.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather LCS Gaming Chair

As you would have noticed, the Maxnomic supports a rather limited weight capacity. The Noblechairs Hero gaming chair has a high weight capacity at a little higher than 300 lbs. This chair is the ideal gaming chair for heavy-set or large sized people. As expected, it has all the customizable options. Shorter people may find it rather big for them. For tall people who want to lay back every once in a while, without fear of the backrest breaking under their weight, nothing can beat this.

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair

So we have listed a few alternative choices for users with the need to dwell on other choices or for some who might be looking at something similar but also different in some ways. We hope these recommendations will have helped you out.

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