what chair does shroud use

What Gaming Chair does Shroud use?

Controversial and popular personalities of all walks of life are people whose lives are very well documented and people take a great interest in their lives. One of such people is Shroud. With the constant advancement in the gaming world and new and more amazing games being released every quarter, more platforms continue to grow for content creators to showcase their talents.

Shroud has been known for his big spending habits and people generally wish to know what kind of gear or equipment someone of his caliber uses. This leads us to the question of what gaming chair does Shroud uses. If you want to be like Shroud or want to know what it takes to be like him, you want to know what his hardware or equipment is.

The Chair Shroud uses

Shroud uses the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. Shroud previously used the Maxnomic Pro 9 Gaming Chair. As the name suggests that it was a proper, fully fledged gaming chair but he has since then moved to an office chair. The Aeron Chair is a state of the art, top of the line product. Many consider it to be the best and most premium quality chair in the world.

Herman Miller makes specially designed office chairs that are specifically built for durability, comfort, and a wide range of ergonomic features. The chair is one of the most expensive office chairs in the world today and it comes to no one’s surprise that only the deepest pocket consumers can even afford it. Reviewers and critics around the world rate Herman Miller very highly, so it is a chair that has to be something special.

Who is Shroud?

Shroud is one of the greatest gamers of all time. Shroud has been around for a while now and he has made a significant mark on the world’s gaming stage. Shroud was always one of the world’s most beloved streamers and content creators. He used to stream Twitch TV but has left the platform recently. Shroud also creates and posts content on YouTube on a consistent basis. Shroud had over 7 million subscribers on Twitch TV before quitting it. He has close to 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube with over 700 million views on his videos in total.

Shroud has been on the competitive gaming scene for years now. He has taken part in many different gaming tournaments and has represented a few top teams in the process. He sued to play for Complexity gaming and later on when Complexity turned into Cloud 9, Shroud also found great success with them as well. Shroud is famous for playing FPS games such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and various other titles. He is one of the most legendary and successful Pro players of all time.

Shroud’s main reason for success is that he is considered to be one of the highest skilled gamers in the world. His FPS gameplay is thought to be probably the best and most mechanically perfect. People and gamers watch his videos for the sheer top level gameplay he offers. These days the popular streamer has shifted to the new streaming service known as Mixer where he has already amassed over 24 million views on his channel.

YouTube:            https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoz3Kpu5lv-ALhR4h9bDvcw

Twitter:                https://twitter.com/shroud

Mixer:                  https://mixer.com/shroud

The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Review


Weight: 40 to 43 lbs

Weight Supported: 300-350 lbs

Recline: Available but not specified

Seat type: Office Chair

  • Proven Durability
  • Free from Assembly
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Fantastic Recline
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Outstanding warranty
  • Very Wide Range of Ergonomics
  • Supremely Expensive
  • Might be hard for some
  • Seat Depth + Back Height ergonomics lacking
  • Limited color variety

Assembling a chair can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Many companies take extra care in making this task as user friendly as possible. Herman Miller has found what is perhaps the best solution to this problem. The Herman Miller Aeron chair does not require any assembly at all. It is delivered to you all assembled and put together. All you have to do is just roll it into your office or set up and enjoy what is said by many to be the best office chair in the world.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is available in three different types of bases. You can choose the polished aluminum base which gives off a lot of shine. There is the option to go for satin aluminum. While this will also be shiny, it will be a much more toned-down shine than the polished aluminum. The last option for the base is graphite. This is a darker shade base and does not give off any shine. The frame of the chair is available in only the graphite or the mineral finish. The graphite is close to black while the mineral finish is light colored. The material of the seat and the backrest both is the same. These both are made of mesh. This is a special kind of mesh that Herman Miller calls the 8Z Pellicle. This is a mesh that has either different pressure points spread out on different parts. All of these have a specific tension level and work together to support your body. The Aeron is perhaps the airiest and breathable chair ever made. The people at Herman Miller have identified one of the biggest factors that hinder productivity in the office and also becomes a cause for discomfort. It is a fact that foam padded and leather chairs tend to heat absorbing and restrict airflow. This causes the user of the chair to start sweating quite easily. With a mesh, however, that problem no longer exists. The color of the mesh is either graphite, carbon, or mineral. These are basically black, gray, and light gray respectively.

The design of the Aeron was quite revolutionary when it first came out all those years ago. The new, remastered version of the Aeron is similar to it. The shape of the backrest is such that it allows your back to be in its natural posture. It ensures that your back does not get into a slumped position as might be the case with straight backed chairs. The lower back of the Aeron is curved outward a little to allow your spine to be in the natural S position. Its overall design is such that it fits into any office or even gaming setup effortlessly. The Aeron has very few color choices. While this can be a limiting factor when it comes to design, the colors it is available in complement its build nicely.

When it comes to ergonomics, the Aeron chair has the necessary adjustment options, although it should have a bit more than just the necessary. There is the standard height adjustment feature on the seat of the chair. There is a lever on the right side of the chair that is used for the height adjustments. Then comes the reclining backrest. There is a knob on the underside of the chair which is for reclining the backrest. There are three recline positions of the backrest. There is also the tilt tension knob on the underside of the chair. The arms of the Aeron are 3-D adjustable. They can be moved up and down independently of one another. They can be moved backward and forward individually as well. The armrests are also able to swivel or rotate a bit. However, there is no feature of moving the armrest outwards or inwards to allow for more or if you so prefer lesser sitting room. Hence, the 3-D adjustment feature and not the 4-D adjustment is present in the Aeron chair. The armrests of the chair are attached to its backrest. When you recline the chair, the armrests move along with the backrests. This keeps your arms comfortable while you recline. There are three different types of lumbar support mechanisms included in the chair as well. All of these vary in the amount of support given. You can choose which one you want in your chair depending on how much back support you need.

The comfort level of the Herman Miller Aeron chair depends on the person. If you are a fan of mesh chairs, then you will simply love this chair. There are no two ways about it. If you are not a fan of mesh chairs, while you will still find it to be comfortable you will not be in love with it. The mesh of this chair is the best quality mesh available. It is soft and flexible to the touch; it does not cling on to or tear clothes like low-quality mesh often does. There is unobstructed airflow through the chair, which keeps you cool at all times. This Aeron chair has been one of the most used and highest rated office chairs for more than 25 years. This fact alone is a massive statement of its quality and durability. The armrests can be chosen to be in the standard padding or leather padding. Both of these are highly comfortable. The recline of the chair is very well thought out and designed. When reclining you feel just as relaxed as you do in the upright position. Many people who are not fans of mesh-based chairs have ended up choosing this chair as their primary office chair simply because of its extremely high comfort levels.

There are some ergonomic adjustments that are lacking in the Aeron chair. The backrest of the chair is not height adjustable. It is attached to the chair and hence, cannot be moved independently. The seat of the chair has no sliding feature. The seat slider feature is simply a feature that allows you to slide the chair forward a bit, increasing its sitting space for tall people and if you want then reducing the sitting space for short legged people. The frame of the chair can be felt through the mesh fabric sometimes in the area under the legs and thighs or on the back. The chair might feel hard and stiff. This can be quite pleasant for people who prefer hard and tough chairs. For others, who prefer the soft feeling this can be quite frustrating.

An important fact of the Aeron is that it is available in three different sizes. All three of these sizes have a different weight capacity and a unique recommended height of the user as well. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. You can choose the chair that better suits your body physique quite easily due to this. However, the slight lack of ergonomic adjustments might be due to the fact that they have released different sizes of chairs as well. Also, due to these different sizes, it is simply not viable to buy the Aeron for more than a single person usage. You cannot have two people of different sizes using the same Aeron chair. It will prove to be inadequate for one or the other. But if the Aeron chair is going to be used by one person only then these specific weight and size guidelines can be very useful in buying the perfect sized chair for you.

There is a whopping twelve-year warranty given by Herman Miller on the Aeron chair. That is how much faith and confidence they have in the durability of their best-selling product. There is no overlooking the fact that it is VERY expensive. Even with this long-term warranty, the price still sticks out like a sore thumb. However, if you are willing to put in the initial investment of buying this chair, it will not disappoint you. The long-term warranty practically ensures its durability as well.

P.S. You may want to have a separate headrest with these chairs as it does not come with one, however, it is not recommended as it throws off the ergonomics of the chair. If you still want one, you can check it out here. Just to let you know that it is not manufactured by Herman Miller

Verdict on the Chair

Perhaps the most highly approved office chair to ever be made, the Herman Miller Aeron is still considered to be one of the best chairs available. Though it has an obscene asking price, you will find out that all such high-end office chairs are on the expensive side. If you are prepared to spend the amount then you will have a long-lasting, comfortable, and adjustable to your liking chair. You will find the exceptional warranty time period quite effective at alleviating the scare caused by the price tag as well.

One of the biggest parts that add to its comfort level is the highly breathable mesh fabric. It is a very tough task to start sweating on this chair. The three different sizes ensure that you will be able to choose the chair that best fits your body. To top it off, this chair is perhaps the most tried and tested chair you can find. It has been around for ages. Yet, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who was not satisfied with it.

Alternatives for the chair

While the Herman Miller Aeron chair is widely proclaimed as the best chair, there are definitely some flaws present in its designs. It may not be suitable for everyone. In the same top dollar price range, you can find many good alternatives to the Aeron if you do not find it to your liking. One such alternative when it comes to office chairs is the Steelcase Gesture Chair. If you are feeling more adventurous and are looking for something with more style to it, however, you should give gaming chairs a try. The Vertagear P-Line Series PL6000 is one of the best options in that category.

Steelcase Gesture chair

The Steelcase Gesture chair is one of the biggest competitors of the Herman Miller Aeron chair. The Steelcase Gesture chair has the Aeron beat in ergonomic adjustments and features. It has 4-D arm adjustments with a high level of swivel available to the armrests. This is one of its most noticeable improvements over other top-level office chairs. There is also the seat slider feature that is present in the Gesture chair. The Gesture chair is suitable for a wide range of people. This is quite different from the Aeron chair which has different chairs for people of different sizes. You can essentially buy the Gesture chair without worrying about it not being comfortable for someone other than yourself. The price range of both the Gesture chair and the Aeron is quite similar.

Vertagear P-Line Series PL6000

Vertagear is one of the world’s leading gaming chair companies. While the Vertagear PL6000 is one of the most premium priced gaming chairs in the world, it is still less than half of the price of either the Steelcase Gesture or the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Gaming products and peripherals, as expected, are much more stylish and eye catching in their designs and builds. The same is the case for the PL6000. This is a racing style chair and has a very stylish design with many different color options. It is filled with high density and high resiliency foam. This is much more durable than standard foam. PL6000 has all the ergonomic adjustments one could wish for. Back recline, height adjustment, 4-D armrests, etc. are all available in this gaming chair.

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