Best chairs under 100

Best Office Chairs Under 100

In today’s world, we have to spend a lot of time every day sitting at our desks whether in our office or at home. This can be either for professional work or for personal ambitions and interests. Office hours are long and tedious and have a habit of making time pass by slower than normal. During these long office meetings and work hours, the chair you sit on can either be a blessing or a curse. A good chair can be a priceless companion that makes sure you are at ease during these times and can be as productive as possible. Whereas, with a poorly manufactured chair or a chair that does not meet your requirements you will not be able to sit straight for an hour without facing backaches or similar issues. Hence the need to invest in buying an office chair that meets your requirements and can adjust to them arises.

It is a proven fact that you cannot be productive if you are facing backaches or are not comfortable with your sitting arrangements.  Now, you don’t need to break your bank and buy something expensive to fix this problem. You can get a top-notch chair that is able to meet your needs in less than 100 $ even. Taking care of a major problem in such a meager sum is a godsend. 

1.OFM Essentials Collection (ESS-6010)

  • Value for money
  • Comfort
  • Adjustability
  • Professional Look
  • Maybe troublesome for tall people

At number 1 in our list of best ergonomic office chairs under 100$, we have the OFM ESS-6010. This chair gives you comfort and durability at an affordable price of 84 $. When you go looking for office chairs in a tight budget, you don’t expect anything fancy, rather you want something that you are able to sit on without breaking your back. That is where the ESS-6010 comes in.

Office hours are long and tedious. Having an office chair that does not give comfort during these hours can really be troublesome. Thankfully OFM knows this and has provided us with chairs that give us ease and support while being in an affordable price range. The design of this chair is simple. Not made to be eye candy, instead, it is made to make your life easier. It is made up of soft thread leather, which is not 100 % leather but is quite close to it and comes at a lower price. The back of the seat is made of mesh black. This allows a constant flow of air keeping you snug.

This chair has two versions. One with the padded arms and one without. The one with the padded arms is obviously more comfortable. Having armrests gives a lot more ease when sitting down for a long time so it is quite an essential asset for office chairs to have. The OFM Essentials 6010 comes with an inbuilt headrest. Another key feature for an office chair. Hard to be sitting at ease while having nothing to support your neck and head. One of the key features of office chairs is their adjustability. As expected from our first pick, this does indeed have it. There is a lever protruding from the bottom of the chair. This lever can be used to move the chair up or down, to whatever height you require. The back of the chair can also be reclined forward or backward to your preference. The only real downside that we found to this chair was that if you are a tall person then you might have some problems as far as your neck or head support go as the chair may not reach as high up as you would want when sitting in an upright position.

While looking over the various options we had that could potentially take our number one spot in this list, the ESS-6010 outshone the rest. The main thing that people want from the best budget office chair under 100 $ is durability and comfort. No other chair could match the above-mentioned product in these categories. Not to mention it gives a professional and a classy look, which you would not expect in such a low-priced item. Whatever your requirements, this product will not disappoint.

2. AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair

  • Cheap
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Low space requiring
  • Screws might be wobbly
  • Not for large people

Becoming one of the biggest companies of the modern age, Amazon has become a very massive distributor as well as producer of office appliances, monitors or screens, monitor screen stands, computer peripherals or cables, or just standard products that are used every day by people of every age. This is another one of the standard days to day use products made by Amazon. Keeping true to classic Amazon fashion, this product is also extremely cheap.

As far as design and build go this chair is one of the most simple we have seen. This chair is made for quick and efficient use. It can be easily transported from room to room or even from one office to another due to its small and light build. It only weighs 16lbs. This chair is as standard and simple as it can get. It is literally the opposite of our number two pick as far as design goes. The perks of this chair lie in its extremely low-end price, its low space requirement, and high maneuverability. So, if you need an office chair but do not have much space to spare then this is the ideal choice for you.

It is not the most comfortable of chairs, that much is evident from just looking at it but that does not mean it is not agreeable enough that it should not be an option. The back is made of 2-inch-thick black mesh which allows constant airflow to the back of the person sitting on it. Hence, make sure you don’t become a sweating mess in a couple of minutes like a lot of office chairs that have thicker backs. The sitting part of the seat is padded. The height of the seat is adjustable according to your needs. Its back support isn’t the highest in height. It can support a weight of about 250lbs so it is not for large people. Also, in classic Amazon fashion, some of the screws might feel wobbly.

The AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair is BIFMA certified. Thus, you can be sure that it does indeed give the level of comfort that you want even though you might not think it will if you only look at its picture. This chair also comes in several different colors. The AmazonBasics Office chair gives a professional look and is easy to operate. For a low-price office chair, this is one of the best options you can find.

3. Boss Office Products Medical Spa Stool with Back

  • Robust
  • Adjustable
  • Requires Low Space
  • Backrest is small
  • Low weight capacity

When looking for everyday use office products like chairs or desks you are bound to find yourself looking at Boss’s office products. Whether it be chairs and desks, Boss has made a name for itself as one of the best and most reliable manufacturers. This is why when we were looking for the top 10 office chairs under 100 $, it was only a matter of time before a product of Boss popped up into our list. The Boss Office Products Medical Spa Stool with back comes at the affordable price of 64 $ and it is worth every penny.

In the modern office, efficient usage of space is a high priority. This chair definitely covers those criteria. One of the best features of this chair is its low space requirement and portability. The dual-wheel casters of the chair allow for easy and efficient movement. The chair has a 4-inch-thick seat that is covered by caressoft vinyl which makes it robust as well as easier to clean. The height of the chair can be modified according to your wants. It has a total height adjustment of 6 inches available to it to make sure it is suitable for all sorts of people. It has no armrests.

The maximum weight that the chair can withstand is 250lbs. The Boss Office Medical Spa Stool is also free to swivel for 360 degrees. There are two models of this chair. One with the back cushion and one without. For an office chair, however, the back cushion is obviously a necessity. The back cushion itself is not the largest or tallest but it is thick and sturdy and allows you to have good support of your back. It is ergonomically made to keep your body in the best posture, hence making sure you are comfortable and will not face any backaches even after long office meetings.

That covers our fourth pick in this series of most comfortable office chairs under 100 $. The Boss Office stool with the back comes in grey and beige apart from the standard black. This is somewhat similar to the AmazonBasics office desk chair in its design, the major difference being that it has a back cushion. This product is tough and lasting and the thick cushion is soft rather than hard to give you more ease. This is one of the best products in this price range.

4. Boss Office Products Tiffany Modern Office Chair in Pink

  • Upright position
  • Sturdy
  • Lively color
  • Easily damaged
  • Color not as bright as the pictures show

Here we have another one of Boss Office Products, the Tiffany Modern Office Chair. As we have come to expect from Boss Products, this product is also sturdy and durable. The Tiffany Modern Office Chair comes in various colors but the one that has gotten the most approval has been pink. Pink color for an office chair gives a refreshing new look to the office. Instead of taking the standard black or white office chair again why not give something that is more exuberant a try.

The material of the chair is microfiber with diamonds or buttons on the back. The height adjustments are made by pneumatic gas lift mechanisms that make the necessary height adjustment or the tilt tension control of the seat. It has double wheel casters to allow for easier maneuvering. The design of the chair allows being a good fit for any work environment. If you want to make a change in your office that gives a livelier outlook then you should definitely go for this chair in the pink color. Not many office appliances can pull off the color but this does it rather effectively. One of the things that did irritate some people is that the pink color shown in the stock photos of the chair is bright pink, but when looked at in person the pink color is not as bright. That is not necessarily a bad thing as

 The chair has a 360-degree swivel. The chair tilts with a spring mechanism. If you keep it locked in an upright position then it will not tilt or recline, you have to unlock its position before you are able to do that. The Tiffany Office Chair makes sure you are sitting in a good posture throughout the day as it is very upright and does not start reclining if you put your weight on the back. Hence, ergonomically it is a sure-fire. The material of the chair is such that it allows for easy upholstery or updating of the chair seat. There are, however, no armrests on this product either.

This chair is a sure buy for the sum of 86 $. The chair does not occupy a lot of space and is easily transportable. Boss Products has again come up with another article that is at an affordable price range for nearly anyone looking to buy an office chair. To top it off this is sturdy and robust and in the pink color, it is quite a lively addition to any office. This definitely gives great value for money.

5. Office Star Sculptured Vinyl Seat Black

  • High Reach
  • Upright
  • Adjustability and maneuverability
  • Foot ring has no lock
  • Does not have wheel locks

Another name that frequently comes up in the discussion of office appliances like desks chairs or other furniture is Office Star. Office Star puts great value on customer appreciation and keeping the customer happy. This includes the services rendered and the relations made with each customer. The Office Star Sculptured Vinyl Seat lies at an affordable price of 80 $. It gives great value for money with all the things it offers and, at the price, it offers them.

The height of the chair is highly adjustable. One of the main features of this chair is its height. Along with being adjustable, the chair has a high reach allowing you to sit comfortably if you have a really high desk. The back of the chair is not the largest but that too is adjustable in its height, hence making sure to match the ergonomic preference of each individual. Due to the height of the chair, it is not possible to reach the ground while sitting, thus this has a foot ring midway between the floor and the seat. The height of the foot ring is also adjustable. However, the foot ring has no lock so it is free to rotate. This is an important feature as it can get stressful if you have to keep your legs at the same angle throughout the day.

The chair comes with double wheel casters to allow smooth movement. Due to the height of the chair, you need to take care when sitting in it as it can topple over if you aren’t careful. The seat as the name states is made of vinyl. It is durable and congenial enough to sit in for long periods of time and not feel any drawbacks from it. It has a weight capacity of about 250lbs. There are no armrests on this product either. One issue of concern for this chair is that it does not have wheel caster locks. Due to how high up you will be when sitting in this chair you will not be in contact with the floor and if you are on a smooth surface the chair can start rolling about when you sit on it. Wheel cast locks are needed for this issue.

This is one of our top picks in this list of best office chairs for back pain under 100 $ because of the top of the line maneuvering possible for all kinds of ergonomic preferences that are available in this chair. Also, due to its upright position with the back being adjustable in height, it helps keep your body posture agreeable and you are not put under any unnecessary stress or aches. Its high reach makes it an ideal pick for people who have desks at more height than normal chairs can reach.

6. Modway Ripple Ribbed Office Chair

  • Robust
  • Classy look
  • High weight capacity
  • The backrest is a little reclined
  • Not suitable for long sitting hours

Another common name when it comes to items like beds or chairs or office chairs and desks is Modway. Modway specializes in beds of various kinds and a plethora of different kinds of chairs. The Modway Ripple Ribbed Office Chair is one of those chairs. This is a tough seat and is not likely to break easily. As we have come to expect from Modway, their products are stylish and elegant while never compromising on the comfort and well-being of customers. The Ripple Office Chair is no exception.

Just by looking at the unit, you can see that it is going to be comfortable if nothing else. All the foam-padded into its back as well as its seat has to be a luxury to sit on. The back however is not completely upright since it is joined with the seat it is slightly reclined. That can be a problem if you are looking for a chair in which you are going to spend a good amount of time of your day. Since your back will be at a reclined position instead of the meant to be upright position.

The height of the chair is fully customizable. The foot end of the seat is in a waterfall style. The material of the seat is in a ribbed vinyl fashion, hence the name ripple ribbed. The chair allows full swivel if you feel inclined to do so. The chair itself looks classy; it is a perfect fit into almost any office setting. 5 double casted wheels ensure smooth movement. The chair comes in multiple colors, however black is the most preferred color of this particular piece.  Again, there are no armrests. Office chairs really should have armrests.

That brings a close to our seventh pick as far as most comfortable office chairs under 100 $ go. The Modway Ripple Ribbed Chair is made for sturdiness and robustness. It can support a weight of 300lbs. So, even for large people, this chair is adequate. The chrome plating on the cylinder and the legs of the chair ensure its long-term life and dependability. The chair is easy to assemble and gives a comfy feeling to the user. Just make sure to get up and stretch your legs every once in a while, and you should be good to go.

7. 360° Office Desk Chair, PU Adjustable Rolling

  • Sturdy and robust
  • Very high weight capacity
  • Comfortable even after long sitting hours
  • Cushion is hard
  • The small backrest may cause issues

This is an item produced by Outmaster. It is not the most popular or big company; however, this chair has been approved and used by many people and the majority of the people who have used this chair have had great results with it. This item is priced at around $90.  It gives great value for money with the number of features it gives in the rather low-end cost.

The material of the chair is PU leather and high-density sponge. It has a very high weight capacity. The chair can withstand up to 400lbs of weight. This is an extremely heavy-duty chair as you might have guessed after learning of its weight capacity. The height of the seat is adjustable via the pneumatic mechanism. The seat comes in various colors to allow you to choose the best fit for your office. The chair can swivel for a full 360 degrees without facing any issues. Double wheel casters allow for freedom of movement and the wheels are such that they don’t make much sound when moving and don’t leave scratches on the ground.

The material of the seat is long-lasting, durable, and provides comfort to the user. The chair comes with a chrome silver covered cylinder and legs. This provides the chair with more stability and durability as well as makes it more attractive as the silver makes a nice contrast with its color. This chair is one of the most comfortable chairs we have on this list. Even for long office sessions, you don’t feel any backache. The back of the chair allows you to be sitting in an upright position even if you are a large-sized person. To top it off this chair can be used for a wide variety of purposes not just as an office chair. This can be used as a barber or makeup artist chair as well as a computer or office chair, a desk chair, or just as a household item.

The sponge-like material of this chair allows it to not lose its shape even after a long time of sitting on it. It soaks up the pressure put on it and when released bounces back into shape due to its elasticity. This is really one of the most comfortable chairs we have found in this price range. The only drawback of this chair might be that its backrest is not as large and is a little reclined naturally. So, for people who are picky about their posture or need to be upright at all times, this might cause some issues. Also, this is another chair with no armrests.

8. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Blue Office Chair

  • Classy Design
  • Upright Sitting Posture
  • Flame Retardant Foam
  • Seat Foam might wear out
  • Price changes with armrest

Flash furniture is another company that is in the manufacturing of items like beds, chairs, and desks as their name tell you. Their style is simple and elegant. Flash does not go for extremely exuberant or flamboyant articles but sticks to elegance and proven colors and designs. The Flash Furniture Mid-Back Office Chair comes in an affordable price range. This chair is also BIFMA certified, meaning it is proven to be good in ergonomics.

The chair is of quilted vinyl stuff. It swivels and moves around freely. Though it is quite lightweight so if you are on a frictionless floor, hold onto it when sitting down as it might roll due to your sudden weight on it. The chair can hold up to 250-280lbs of weight on it. So, it is not the most heavy-duty but it is adequate. It has a pneumatic height adjustment system to allow free adjustment of the height of the chair according to your preferences. The design and colors that the chair is available in serve to liven up the workspace. Offices can be boring and even a small article such as a chair can help lighten the mood with its pleasant colors and elegant designs.

The seat has a mid-back design, meaning it will give comfort and ease to your mid and lower back regions. The chair will make you sit straight more often, hence giving you a healthy sitting posture. So, even if you are not an upright sitter naturally this chair will help you keep an upright posture and thus keeping you in better shape and fewer back pains. The only downside to this chair is that its seat is low on foam. So, it might wear out and make you feel like you are sitting on a wooden surface instead of a comfortable 80 $ chair. There is however a low chance of that so no need to ponder too much about it. This mid-back office chair comes with armrests or without armrests, though the price changes when armrests are added.

The chair has anti-inflammation foam embedded in it which is another plus just in case of an emergency. Flash Furniture is a known brand and a reliable one. They know what the people want from an office chair and are ready to go above and beyond to satisfy the customer’s needs.

9. HON Sadie Ergonomic Office Chair (HVST101)

  • Maneuverability
  • Easy to transport
  • Low weight capacity
  • The seat may become flat and hard after a certain time
  • Not the most comfortable

The HON Company is a household name when it comes to office furniture. They manufacture goods such as chairs, desks, cabinets, drawers, etc. HON specializes in making products that are graceful and tasteful in design while being innovative and state of the art in style. And so, we find ourselves finishing off our list for the most comfortable office chair under 100 $ with The Sadie Ergonomic Office Chair HVST101. The HVST101 is priced around $90.

The HON Sadie Ergonomic Chair is a mid-back chair. The backrest is a mesh allowing air to pass through freely, thus keeping you nice and cool. The height adjustment is easily done through a pneumatic seat system. The wheels are dual cast and allow for free movement across surfaces. The wheels of the HVST101 are tough and tested and remain intact under constant use as well. The chair also has a full 360 degrees swivel. The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 250lbs which is quite adequate for most people. The chair has no armrests. This is a mid-back chair. Meaning it gives comfort and eases a person’s back. It keeps the user in an upright and in good shape. Due to this positive body posture, you are able to sit without feeling backaches that you normally would if the chair didn’t support your back like this.

The backrest is a mesh that makes sure you are not drowning in sweat when you decide to get up from your chair. The design of the chair allows for easy maneuverability and transportability from one place to another as well as taking up a low amount of space in the office, hence leaving more space open for use for other needed items. The weight capacity might be on the low side of the spectrum but it is still okay for a lot of people.

For a chair, you are spending only 90 $ this is really not a bad option. The drawbacks of this chair are that the seating cushion is rather thin and it can be flattened after a little time. Making it feel like you are sitting on a wooden stool instead of a chair with foam on it.

The problem with having a mesh for a backrest is that it can give way quicker and easier than a thick backrest that is filled with a cushion. The backrest will end up reclining and not able to support your weight. Obviously, this will cause issues. The back support is not the most effective leading to low lumbar support.

This chair is obviously not the best one you will find in this price range. That much is quite obvious when you look at the other chairs we have mentioned above. That is why it is the last pick in our list for the best office chairs under 100 $. It is still however not a bad option if the other chairs are not to your liking or preference. That rounds up our list of chairs that we recommend when you are on a tight budget.


In the under $100 range, there are many fantastic choices as we have stated earlier. Any of the above choices will definitely not let you down and our brief reviews of all of the above will surely have helped you build an opinion on each individual product.

If you are on a budget then you should go for the AmazonBasics Office chair. If you are looking for a genuine office chair that gives a professional look then you should go for the OFM-6010. Or how about something to liven up the old office like the Boss Office Tiffany Modern Office Chair in Pink or the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Office Chair. If you are looking for an all-around chair that gives the most stability while not being anything extravagant you can always try OutMaster’s product.

In short, our list will be sure to satisfy your needs and meet your requirements.

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